The Third Pillar: Small Group Ministry


Small Group Ministry, or SGM, is a foundational practice for Unitarian Universalists. It provides a safe space to explore our deepest selves in an affirming environment built on trust.  It helps us to listen and share our truths with one another with our hearts and minds open.  It supports us as we try to live more fully into our covenants.


Each Braveheart Session has the same agenda:

Chalice Lighting. The Leader will share a reading and open the sacred space.

Renewal of Covenant: Can we all still agree to the covenant? Does it need to be changed?

Check-in: How is your spiritual practice going? How is your spiritual life in general? How is your religious life? How have you been a co-creator of Unitarian Universalism since we last met? 

Sharing Round One: Each person will speak to the journal prompts as the Spirit moves them. There are no responses at this time.

Sharing Round Two: After everyone who wishes to share has fully spoken aloud their thoughts on the journal prompts, a more general discussion about the topic can ensue. 

Sharing Round Three: So what? What has this work called you to do? What has inspired you? How will you act differently in the world now that you have encountered this material?

Spiritual Practice Offering: One group member will present the spiritual practice that they have been working on throughout the course.

Check-Out/Gratitudes: What were you most grateful for in this session? Does anything need to be said about the covenant?

Closing: The leader will offer a closing prayer or reading.