The Fourth Pillar: Learning


Parker Palmer speaks to us of “Third Things,” or a piece which allows us to talk about our own truth through something that embodies it. A Third Thing can be a reading, a poem, a story, a piece of art work, or anything that helps us engage the sacred. By talking about the “Third Things,” we are often able to find our own truth more deeply and to hear others’ truths more openly.


This course includes a different set of “Third Things” for each session. We will read and reflect upon these third things first individually in our journals and then in a group to learn about ourselves, Unitarian Universalism, and the Divine.


This course is considered to be a high level course, and as such there is a lot of work between sessions. The schedule is rigorous and will require dedication on your part, but the benefits will be proportional to the amount of time and effort you put in to the coursework.


At the end of this information, you will find the course syllabus which includes all of the Third Things, or materials we will be using to deepen our discussion and our relationships. While some of the Third Things are online documents or videos, you will be asked to purchase several books for the course. Many of these are available at a very low cost from Amazon. While we do not want to exclude anyone from participating due to financial reasons, we do ask that you purchase the books on your own in lieu of a fee for the course.