The First Pillar: Covenant

Unitarian Universalism is a covenantal, not a creedal, faith. Living together in a covenant that is based in our highest and deepest core values is how we practice our religion. We must come to a place as individuals and as communities where we can call each other back to covenant and allow our sacred agreements to open us to ongoing revelation.  When we really bring our covenants to life, we bring more love into the world and we are practicing our religion. In our Braveheart circles, we agree to be together faithfully by incarnating Unitarian Universalism through our covenant.


The Braveheart Covenant

 As a member of a Braveheart Circle, we promise to each other and the Holy, to:

Listen deeply from our hearts, without interruption, judgement, advice, or opinion.

Share honestly our own stories as we are moved, speaking only for ourselves and from our own experience

Hold the silence of reflection for each other, until the Holy moves us to speak

Maintain trust through confidentiality

Support each other with affirmation as we explore our lives and our Faith

Ask for what we need

Respect each other’s time and lives outside the group by beginning and ending on time

Complete all work for the course, including all reading, reflection, journaling, and spiritual practice, and show up even when that doesn’t happen