Braveheart Circles


Since Braveheart is entirely online,  participants have flexibility in the time in which they participate. Simply choose the time you would like to participate in a circle and sign up online!

Braveheart Circles begin in September of 2017 and end in December of 2018.

Circle A: Third Monday of Every Month  |  6:30 PM— 8:30 PM Central/ 7:30 PM—9:30 PM Eastern  |  Led by Gail Sphar

Circle B: Fourth Saturday of Every Month  |  10:00 AM—12:00PM Central/ 11:00 AM—1:00PM Eastern  |  Led by Margie Manning

Circle C: Third Tuesday of Every Month  |  2:00 PM—4:00P M Central/ 3:00 PM—5:00 PM Eastern  |  Led by Rita Chamblin and Nina Stein

Circle D: Second Tuesday of Every Month  |  6:30 PM—8:30 PM Central/ 7:30 PM—9:30 PM Eastern  |  Led by Gerry Carr and Kathy Charles

Circle E: Third Friday of Every Month  Exclusively for Religious Education Professionals  |  10:00AM—12:00 PM Central/ 11:00AM—1:00 PM Eastern  |  Led by Christine Purcell